Attached below are PDF versions of our Noise at Work Leaflet titled “Prevent Hearing Compensation Claims” which are free to download.  The leaflet sets out who we are, what the legislation says, our 4-step programme on how we get your business to compliance and what happens if you fail to act.

Please print out a copy to keep, or to show to the relevant person in your company.  If you have any questions, go to our Contact Us page to get in touch.

Prevent Hearing Compensation Claims RV Acoustics Leaflet

Single A4 Page Service Leaflet​

If your printer only prints on one side of the page, or if you are sending it electronically, please use this link.

Double Sided Printer Version

If your printer can print on both sides of the page, please use this link. Once printed, you fold it down the middle to form the leaflet.