Health Surveillance

Onsite Health Surveillance (Hearing Tests)

RV Acoustics can carry out HSE compliant hearing test health surveillance onsite at a time and date that suits you.

The state-of-the-art hearing test kit we use is self-contained, wireless and portable, to provide on-site hearing testing anywhere, at any time of day for any number of staff. This means RV Acoustics can provide compliant hearing tests closer to your staff with less disruption or downtime, wherever they are working.  All we need is a suitably quiet location with wi-fi or 3G coverage.

Every test includes a free HSE category report and referral letter (where required). It also includes a test summary report, providing you with the information you need to manage noise at work under the HSE guidelines.

We provide an instant personal test report to maximise worker knowledge, awareness and safety. We include a free copy sent to your inbox, minimising paperwork and administration.

The kit is independently calibrated to audiometric standards by the acoustic experts at Southampton Solent University. Calibration demonstrates that the hearing tests meet the required legal standards:

  • HSE hearing tests follow the required audiology test protocol (BS EN ISO 8253)
  • The audiometer handset accurately and repeatedly presents the right test tones (BS 60645)

Because we make it easy and cost effective to test just one worker, we can baseline new starts, temps, contractors, part-time workers and anyone else at risk of regular exposure to noise, as required under the Noise at Work Regulations and Guidance.

Our pricing is transparent, simply based on the number of tests need, no hidden extras! Contact us for details.

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