Event Noise Monitoring

Event Noise Monitoring

RV Acoustics can design, present and implement an effective pro-active Noise Management Strategy to satisfy and meet the outdoor entertainment licensing criteria of the Local Authority.

RV Acoustics will assist throughout the event process including:

  • Noise Management Plan for local authority

    – often required 3 months prior to event.

  • Sound check monitoring

    – this is often the first opportunity to establish objective and representative noise levels by conducting a sound propagation test.

  • Live on-site event noise monitoring

    – we always on site monitoring the noise during the event and ready to deal with any issues effectively.

  • Stage construction and break down monitoring

    – some local authorities will insist on noise monitoring during any stage construction/break down during night time hour.

  • Post event noise management report

    –  provided to discuss with the local authority for the purpose of Safety Advisory Group (SAG) debrief meeting.

Having worked in Environmental Health within Glasgow City Council, I am skilled in liaising with councils and aware of what is expected. Demonstrating a pro-active event noise management strategy to the local authority is not only key to getting approval, but also reduces the risk of noise complaints significantly affecting any future applications.

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