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Planning & Environmental Noise

Environmental Noise Assessments are carried out for a very wide variety of reasons.

We are competent and experienced in the measurement and assessment of environmental noise and ready to help you with your project.

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A Noise Impact Assessment (NIA) is usually requested by the local authority as a condition of planning permission, whether in connection with a new noise-making development or a new noise-sensitive development, or sometimes both!

A NIA typically requires a review of the site followed by a baseline survey to establish the existing background noise climate. Assessment of your proposal alongside relevant guidance and comparison with the baseline noise survey. Where necessary, make recommendations for noise mitigation measures and provide a formal technical report suitable for submission to the local authority.

Operational sites and facilities often require Environmental Compliance Noise Monitoring to ensure noise emissions remain within limits stipulated in environmental permits, planning consents and/or lease agreements. Compliant Noise Monitoring is usually required on a quarterly, 6 month, or annual basis for the lifetime of the development.

An Entertainment Noise Survey is usually requested by the local authority to gaining planning permission when starting a new entertainment premises, place of worship, extending opening hours or staging a temporary event.  An Entertainment Noise Survey gives due consideration to neighbouring properties who may be negatively impacted by the venue or event.

Usually there is specific attention given to the low frequency (bass) sound in an Entertainment Noise Survey, as this is what often causes the most objections/complaints.

Sometimes you just need an acoustic expert in your team. We are happy to help liaise on noise matters with whoever is involved in your project, be it SEPA, DEFRA or local authority Environmental Health Officers (EHO).

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