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MOD Paid £11.73m NIHL Bill Last Year

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In 2018-19 the MoD paid out £11.73million for 809 employees Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) claims.

Freedom of Information figures show that the Ministry of Defence (MOD) are having to foot a massive bill for failing to adequately protect their employees hearing.

All troops were given earplugs or headphones to use during live firing training, but during firefights in Afghanistan and Iraq many ditched the hearing protection as they caused communication problems. The MOD has been found to have provided staff with unsuitable hearing protection.

As a result, in 2018-19 the MoD paid out £11.73million for 809 Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) claims. That is on top of the £70m the MoD has already paid out in the past 8 years to staff found to have hearing loss or tinnitus caused by noise.

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With up to 2,000 serving and former military personnel understood to be planning legal claims, defence chiefs are budgeting for a £100 million compensation bill over troops suffering hearing loss.

A previous RV Acoustics blog post titled “INGLIS Vs Ministry of Defence” tell how Judge Peter Marquand told the High Court in London he found Mr Inglis had ‘left the Royal Marines because of his hearing loss’ and ruled that the MoD should pay him £545,766.

NIHL is a preventable Many of the service personnel claim their careers were destroyed after suffering hearing loss or tinnitus and additionally compensated for loss of future earnings and pension.

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